CC State of the Union: October

Williams Students,

Is it just me or do the squirrels always seem to get crazy this time of year? One literally jumped at me from behind a trashcan today. Not Cool.

One thing is for sure: Fall is here. This is the time of year when we seem to be living in a postcard. You better work!

Also, while Mountain Day may be over, we can still have Mountain Moments-times when you throw away the book, spill the lab chemicals down the drain, step on a cat, and leave that library carol in exchange for a private moment between you and the world around you: Take a walk and get intimate.

Meanwhile, your student government representatives have been working furiously to keep this school’s lip gloss poppin’. Even though Council has only met twice, we have been able to accomplish a number of things.

Please see the list below of exactly what we’ve done as part of our monthly State of the Union email.

Council’s big focus this semester is going to be the divide between athletes and non-athletes at Williams. This is a complicated issue that exists throughout all aspects of Williams’ life.

We want to hear your thoughts.

Ifiok and I have experienced both sides of this divide, and it is an issue that we are committed to addressing. Our goal is not to have all athletes and non-athletes standing around a campfire, holding hands, and singing Kumbayaa. But we want to get the conversation started. So if you have an opinion, please email us.

As always, our Council meetings are open to everyone every time, so feel free to drop by. We meet Wednesdays at 7:30 PM in the basement of Hopkins.

-If and Manny
Your Presidents