The State of This College

Partners in Purple, we write as the semester comes to a close to tell you some of what we think is important to know about the College.


Williams is relentlessly self-reflecting and critical. We live here, we learn here, and we are invested here. Our job as a College Council is to keep this place functional, to support you in your endeavors, and to proactively make Williams work better for you. We are fortunate for an administration, College committees, academic departments, and campus offices that are attuned to our needs. We are your advocates; call on us. CC will bend over backwards for you. We are proud of College Council and the work that it is doing, and we are confident that it is serving you every day.


Read on for some of the specifics. We promise you will discover something that CC has done this semester that makes your experience at Williams a little brighter.



Krista Pickett and Peter Skipper

CC Presidents