Run for the Fall 2014 College Council!

Welcome back to campus, Williams!


First off, check out our new video! In it, we explain what CC does and how it works. Big shout out to Emily Fox (Class of 2015 Rep, Spring 2014) for all her hard work!


Now that you’ve seen how much CC can do, we know you want to run. And the start of a new fall semester can only mean one thing: it’s time for College Council elections!

On this page, you’ll find some important information for this Fall’s elections, which will include College Council, the Honor and Discipline Committee, and the Honorary Degrees Committee:
  • How 2014 Fall Elections Will Work: 1 Ballot, 3 Elections
  • Why You Should Run for College Council
  • Ask Us Questions!
  • Elections Timeline
For more information on all positions, and to submit your self-nomination, please scroll down or see our Elections tab. There are positions for ALL CLASS YEARS!  If you’re planning on running, but have questions about the positions/writing your self-nominations/want to think through your platform/want to just hang out with us, we’d love to help!

As always, if you have any questions or comments, email us (elm3 or ed5)/post on our wall/let us know how we’re doing!  We’re here to help! On behalf of all of us on the 2014-2015 Council, good luck!


How Fall 2014 Elections Will Work: 1 Ballot, 3 Elections

The Fall 2014 ballot will consist of three separate elections:

  1. College Council Elections (all Classes)
  2. Honor and Disciplinary Committee Elections (for the First-Year, Sophomore, and Junior Classes)
  3. Honorary Degrees Committee Elections (for the Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Classes)

The membership of these bodies do not overlap, unless one candidate is elected to two positions on separate bodies. Below, we describe each body and the positions that you can run for (the quantity of each position is in parentheses). For more info, see the Elections tab.

1. College Council (CC):

College Council is Williams’ student government. CC is entirely student-run and student-driven, and is responsible for being the voice of the student body to the Administration. Some of CC’s main activities include allocating the Student Activities Tax (~$425,000/year), governing all clubs at Williams and approving new ones, writing and passing resolutions, and supporting the Great Ideas Campaign to make life at Williams that much better.  Meetings are open to all of campus and are held on Wednesdays from 7:30pm-9:30pm (a change to ensure that student athletes are able to attend!)

  • Treasurer (1)
  • Assistant Treasurer (1)
  • Class of 2015 Representatives (4)
  • Class of 2016 Representatives (4)
  • Class of 2017 Representatives (4)
  • Sage Hall Representative (1)
  • Williams Hall Representative (1)
  • Armstrong/Pratt Representative (1)
  • Mills/Dennett Representative (1)


2. Honor and Discipline Committee:

The Honor and Disciplinary Committee hears and decides, either on direct referral by the Dean of the College or on appeal of the Dean’s decision, cases that involve violations of individual rights, the rules of student conduct, or the Honor Code.

  • Class of 2016 Representative (2)
  • Class of 2017 Representative (2)
  • Class of 2018 Representative (2)


3. Honorary Degrees Committee: 

The Honorary Degrees Committee is responsible for helping the Board of Trustees select the candidates to receive Honorary Degrees at Commencement (including the Commencement Speaker). Based on campus-wide conversations last Spring, student representation on the committee is being expanded to 10 students (3 from each of the sophomore, junior, and senior classes, as well as the CC Vice President for Community and Diversity). Sophomores will be represented on this committee for the first time to ensure that they are involved in the process of choosing their own Commencement speaker. Members will serve for three years – that is, until they graduate. To transition from the old structure to the new one, the following positions are available during this election:

  • Class of 2015 Representative (1)
  • Class of 2016 Representative (1)
  • Class of 2017 Representative (3)


Why Should You Run?

College Council is the student government at Williams.  Since its inception, the Council has worked diligently as the campus-wide student representative body to represent all student interests and bring about positive change to our beloved community.  This rich history of student activism and engagement is what allows Williams students, through the Council, to remain deeply entrenched in dialogue surrounding campus issues, to improve the campus through student-led initiatives, to create a vibrant community comprised of student organizations representing the many different interests on campus, and to look critically at Williams for a sole purpose: to improve the campus for everyone.  The College Council also manages the Student Activities Tax and oversees the allocation of over $400k to fund campus wide entertainment, student organizations, lectures, and whatever else comes to mind to any student on campus!

You’ll have a voice.  You’ll have the opportunity to make many positive changes to Williams.  Help make Williams a better community!
Self-nominations are due by 2PM on Sunday, September 21, 2014.



Fall 2014 Elections Timeline

Candidates, please place these dates in your calendar
September 21st: Self-nominations are due at 2pm
September 22nd: Self-nominations will be sent out to the student body
September 23rd (6:00-7:30pm): Meet the Candidates in Baxter Hall
September 25th (4:00pm) – September 27th  (8:00pm): Polls are open (all students will receive an email with their personal ballot)
September 28th (3:00-5:00pm): College Council Retreat for all elected representatives
October 1st (7:30-9:30pm): First College Council Meeting of the fall semester
See you in the polls!