A Message from Your College Council

Williams, You know what they say: time flies when you have this much homework. Luckily, College Council has more than enough on its to-do list to keep us busy and sufficiently procrastinated! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve as your Co-Presidents. We believe that College Council can make your Williams experience better, Read more about A Message from Your College Council[…]

CC Loves You: State of the College

Fellow Ephs,

Happy Valentine’s Week! We hope your weekend was filled with fun and your week will be highly successful and productive, leading up to WINTER CARNIVAL. Sadly, this will be our last State of the College. However, we are currently super excited to be working on and presenting a booklet with everything that CC has done over the past year! We will be sending it out with our final address to you all as well as distributing them around campus early this week. This booklet and our final state of the college will not include our final meeting of College Council, though we still will be working hard to finish all of our projects. If you are interested, please come to our final meeting on Wednesday at 7:00 in Hopkins Basement. Everyone is welcome!

January and February have been highly productive months for CC. We completed our Great Ideas Campaign, split into a number of committees, and worked on large and small issues that affect you on a day to day basis. One of the highlights of February was the effortless perfection forum, which MinCo and CC co-sponsored and co-led. We have attached the overarching themes and notes from that forum for those of you who are interested or may have missed the discussion. We hope you continue to wrestle with ideas of where stress resides on campus and how to dispel the myth of effortless perfection.

Finally, we are about to start the College Council Elections for CC 2012-2013. Make sure to keep an eye out for your email and to VOTE! Voting opens on Tuesday at 8 PM and closes on Thursday at 8 PM.

And now, without further ado, the State of the College! Please email us with any questions or if you would like any more information.

With huge amounts of love,
Nick and Francesca
CC Co Presidents