Run for the Spring 2015 Special Elections

Dear Williams,
We would like to announce openings in our Spring 2015 College Council. They are as follows:

  • Vice President of Community and Diversity (Year-Long Position)
  • Class of 2016 Representative (1) (Semester-Long Position)

If you are interested in running for either of these positions, please submit your self-nomination by Sunday, 3/15 at 6 PM. Self-nominations will be distributed by the Elections Advisory Committee by Sunday evening.

(also, to find example self-noms and other fun stuff on our website.)
Why Should You Run?
Have a voice. Make a difference.
College Council is the student government at Williams. Since its inception in 1913, the Council has worked to represent all student interests and bring positive change to our Mountain Land. This longstanding history of engagement and action allows Williams students, though its Council representatives, to critically analyze the College in order to participate deeply in and drive dialogue surrounding campus issues, to improve the campus through policy and practice, to foster a vibrant community of 160 student organizations and 2077 students. In addition, College Council manages the Student Activities Tax, overseeing the allocation of ~$425,000 per year to fund campus entertainment, student organizations, lectures, Great Ideas, and just about anything else that comes to students’ minds.
Here are some examples of work CC has done recently:
  • Gotten club sport athletes access to a trainer
  • Expanded student representation on the Honorary Degrees Committee, making the committee’s work more reflective of student opinion
  • Passed a resolution in support of a need-blind admission policy for international students
  • Improved the library’s selection of movies and video games
  • Established the Entertainment Co-Sponsorship Committee to make it easier for anyone to obtain funding for all-campus events
  • Hosted monthly Community Matters discussions about issues relevant to our community

Vice President for Community and Diversity: The Vice President for Community and Diversity is responsible for all College Council policy and programming initiatives in the area of community life. S/he serves as Student Chair of the Committee on Diversity and Community, chairs the Community Matters Committee, and sits on the Finance Committee. S/he provides oversight and guidance for the student members of all College committees that affect community life. Under a joint agreement between College Council and the Minority Coalition, s/he also serves as a board member of the Minority Coalition. The Vice President for Community and Diversity is responsible for building relationships and liaising with faculty, staff, and administrators, serving as a resource to student organizations that focus on building community at the College, crafting all College Council policy on matters of community and diversity, representing the College Council in campus dialogue regarding community and diversity, and performs such duties as the Executive Committee or Co-Presidents may assign.

2016 Class Representative (1): The Class Representative for the Class of 2016 shall represent the interests of the Junior Class and the student body at-large, keep their constituents informed of Council proceedings, and serve and actively contribute on at least one committee. Class representatives are elected in an all-class vote.

Elections Timeline
Friday, March 13 (6:00pm): President/Co-President self-nominations due via
Friday, March 13 (evening) : President/Co-President self-nominations packet distributed to the student body
Sunday, March 15 (6:00pm): Additional self-nominations, as a result of vacancies, due via
Sunday, March 15 (evening): Additional self-nomations packet distributed to the student body
Monday, March 16 (6:00pm): Meet the Candidates in Baxter Hall
Monday, March 16 (6:00pm): CC/Record Debate in Baxter Hall
Wednesday, March 18: Voting begins at 4pm
Friday, March 20: Voting ends at 8pm
Wednesday, April 8: First meeting with newly elected members with the rest of Spring ’15 College Council
Questions? Email Lia Lee (lyl2) or Michelle Bal (mcb6) with any questions or concerns, or come to meetings, which are Wednesdays from 7:30-9:30pm in Hopkins 001.