November 12, 2015

About CC

College Council is Williams College’s campus-wide student representative body.

CC’s most important functions include the following:

  • Giving students a voice regarding campus issues.
  • Responsibly and fairly funding over 150 student groups and various campus events.
  • Providing a starting point for student initiatives to improve the campus or college programs.
  • Appointing students to the student-faculty committees.

We’ve compiled a brief list of some of our past successful projects:

  • Came up with the idea for Purple Cow Gelato (yum!)
  • Facilitated the a-cappella groups’ return to Brooks Rogers and Chapin for their final concerts
  • Successfully worked with the CUL to extend swipe access hours into Hollander and Schapiro
  • Worked with Dining Services to increase variety at various venues on campus
  • Funded most of and assisted in the planning for Williams Day.
  • Formed a Rollover Task Force that will work over the summer to create proposals to advise next year’s Council on how to manage the $110,000 of rollover funds
  • Ensured the longevity of groups like the Sailing Team with high capital expenditures by allocating funds through the Capital Investment Fund (CIF).
  • Institutionalized the Mental Health Committee as an official College Council committee
  • Advocated for better resources for JAs through the Health Center
  • Worked with the Chaplain’s Office to reinstate Life Raft, a support group for students and community members struggling with grief
  • Partnered with the Mental Health Committee for an all-campus discussion, “Our Mental Health: Where Do We Go From Here?”
  • NAB/SAB hours: Council worked with the Committee on Undergraduate Life to extend the hours of Hollander and Schapiro until 12:30am Monday through Thursday and from 1pm to 12:30am on Sundays.
  • Refined the process for starting a new club on campus
  • Facilitated a discussion about the use of the Lower Goodrich Dance Studio to allow our performance groups access to it during their performances
  • Updated the Textbook Reserve Program: rent your textbooks for use in Sawyer and Schow
  • Reinstated Facilities Directors Committee, which discusses and recommends policy on issues such as summer storage, dorm room furniture, snow removal, campus beautification, and residence hall vandalism
  • Formed a Student/Security committee and had regular meetings with the Directors of Security to begin reviewing policies pertaining to parties, fines, and discipline at Williams
  • Clarified final paper/exam return policy: be sure to ask your professors for your finals back if you want them.
  • Funded and arranged for the New York Times to be available again in Paresky
  • Buying computer chargers for rent in the libraries
  • Updated Sawyer’s Video Game Library
  • Bought paddle balls and rackets for the courts behind Mission (pick them up in Security)
  • Water dispenser in Schow
  • Gourmet Salads in the ’82 Grill
  • Late Night Specials: shaking up Snack Bar with well-priced specials
  • Purchased oven mitts for more than 20 dorm kitchens around campus
  • Expanded drink selection at Grab ‘n Go
  • Comment boxes in dining halls
  • Vending machines: increasing the variety and maintenance, including adding healthier options
  • Minutes: records all CC meetings and publishes thorough recaps of Council discussions for the student body
  • Invited the Student Chairs from the CUL, CDC, CEP in to Council to update us on their work and to see how Council can assist
  • Helped initiate the “Leading Minds” Ephventure
  • Reviewed the Capital Investment Fund to ensure that groups needing to make big purchases to maintain their functionality are able to do so
  • Mental Health Board: a visible display of the resources and mental health and sexual assault awareness/education to be completed this summer