Student Organization Re-Registration 2013-14

Hello from the Purple Valley! Come back soon? It’s awfully quiet on campus without you.

This is just a reminder email that the re-registration deadline for the 2013-14 academic year is Thursday, August 1, 2013. This applies to all groups (subgroups, clubs/organizations, club sports). If you want to:

*Book a space on campus
*Rent college vehicles
*Request funding from College Council
*Exist at Williams

Please submit the form by the aforementioned date. Simply click here and fill out all of the information that it asks for. Failure to do so will result in your group going defunct. Though I would love to spend more time with you re-registering your group and going through that long process again, I think I’d rather go to your events on campus instead. So please, fill it out ASAP and ensure you can put on your events this fall.

(Quick) Important Information:
1. The Purple Key Fair is coming up in about a month (tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, September 3)! All groups are required to table at this event, so begin any preparatory work needed for it. Show the ’17s how awesome your group is. You’ll hear more from us as we near September. Shoot us an email if you have any questions in the meantime.

2. Emily Dzieciatko ’15, the College Council Treasurer, will send you an email in a few weeks detailing the subgroup allocation process (read: requesting funding for the upcoming year) and the mandatory treasurer training all finance chairs must go through. It’ll be fun, I promise! Be on the look out for that and, again, simply do what the emails say to do to retain your status as an active subgroup and receive funding this year.

3. All groups must attend the Student Organization Summit in the fall. More information on that will be sent your way shortly.

4. Again, update your constitution, including a quick blurb describing what your group does, and submit it with the rest of the form. Let us know if you need help with it.

That’s it! Remember, send your questions, comments, or concerns to Ben Lamb (bjl1), Teddy Onserio (too1), or myself (rac1). Looking forward to reading all of your constitutions and hearing from you soon!

Currently updating our own bylaws for the upcoming year,

Adrian Castro ’14
Student Leadership Intern


1. How do I register a new student group?
Visit the College Council website for detailed information.

2. How do I know my group re-registration has been processed?
You will receive an email soon letting you know!

3. What if my group does not re-register in time?
Unless you contact me to ask for an extension due to an extenuating circumstance (and it’s approved), you will have to register as a new group. Don’t let that happen to you!

4. How do I write a constitution?
Check out the one below!

5. When and how do I sign up for the Purple Key Fair/Student Jamboree?
Keep checking your inbox. You’ll receive more information about this soon!

6. Why so much stuff?
It’ll allow us to let you know what groups exist, what they do on campus, who the leaders are, etc. Plus, it’s cool to see what groups are active year after year for institutional memory’s sake!