A Message from College Council: We’re Following the Bylaws!

Greetings, Williams!

As the dust from this past election cycle settles and we all bid farewell to the fun known as midterm season and approach Spring Break (!), the 2013-14 College Council is excited to begin working on the projects that matter to you!

First, Max and I want to thank YOU for the honor of serving as your Co-Presidents this year.  We’re so lucky to serve in this capacity and are both excited to work with you, attend your club meetings, cheer you on during your different sporting events, and, with your help, make your Williams experience that much better.

We want this email to serve as a quick introduction!  Very soon, you’ll receive an email from us with all of the student-faculty committees that we hope you want to be a part of for the upcoming school year.  This school has many different avenues for getting involved and changing Williams for the better; we hope you decide to apply to one, or two, of even seven of them.

Before we end this message, we want to remind you of several ways to keep us “in the know”.  You can:

  • Come to our meetings on Wednesday nights at 7:00pm in Hopkins Basement (001);
  • Email your questions, comments, concerns, and suggestions (anonymously) to [email protected];
  • Stalk us.  Facebook us.  WSO us.  Text us.  We want to know what you’re doing and how we can serve you better;
  • Read “You’re In the Know,” College Council’s bi-weekly bathroom newsletter (which will be nicely displayed in a bathroom stall near you VERY SOON!)

Additionally, we’ve been working hard to implement the new vice presidential structure many of you voted in favor of this past fall.  As a reminder, they’re a resource for you too.  If you have any questions about a particular issue on campus, please email Max (mdh2) or I (rac1).  Or, additionally, email any one of the following CC Officers

  • Matt McNaughton (VP of Operations)
  • Erica Moszkowski (VP of Student Affairs)
  • Teddy Onserio (VP of Student Organizations)
  • Kate Flanagan (VP of Academic Affairs)
  • Emily Nuckols (VP of Community and Diversity)
  • Emily Dzieciatko (Treasurer)
We’re beyond excited and cannot wait for where this year will take us.  We’re all on the same team and we promise we’ll work hard to cultivate a (stronger) community.
To continually following the bylaws,

Max and Adrian
CC Co-Presidents