Welcome Back!


With the inevitable end of the summer upon us, we’d like to welcome you all back to campus for this upcoming school year. We’d also like to extend a warm welcome to the incoming Class of 2017! As you prepare for your departure to Williams, we’d like to present you all with an update as to what the Campus has been working on these past few months.

Three years ago, Ifiok Inyang ’11 and Emanuel Yekutiel ’11, CC Co-Presidents ’10-’11 emeriti, proposed that College Council update the student body on a regular basis to ensure that everyone knew what the Council was working on throughout the year; this tradition has continued ever since. Though these emails each contained a ton of useful information, there was no centralized method of disseminating a compilation of all of this information to any student who requested it. In addition, we realized that there was a lot more that goes on at Williams than is released to the student body: we want to change that.

In the following document, you will find the College Council 2013 Mid-Year Report. The following information is included in this document:

  • A Year at a Glance: Summary of what the ’13-’14 Council has been working on thus far
  • An Overview of Council Finances: A breakdown of each of our funds and how we distributed the money this past year
  • College Council Committees: An overview of what our internal committees worked on during the 2012-13 academic year
  • Student-Faculty/Other Committees: An overview of what some student-faculty committees worked on during the 2012-13 academic year
  • Resolutions: All of the resolutions that were voted on by the Spring 2013 Council

It is our hope that this document will be able to serve as a reference guide for anyone interested in reading about some of the items being discussed in the many committees on campus. In addition, each page includes the names of all the students who served on each committee. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to those students as well. It is our hope that this will help centralize information and provide you with even more information than before.

Please continue to enjoy the little bit of summer that remains and get pumped for another exciting year on campus. As always, we’re here if you need anything, so please contact us at any time!

See you soon!

Max and Adrian, College Council Co-Presidents