MacHarg, William

by Mary DeJong Obuchowski (2000)

MACHARG, WILLIAM [BRIGGS] (1872-1951). Born in Chicago, William MacHarg was a journalist, editor, and publisher of The American Mercury, as well as a fiction writer. He collaborated with Edwin Balmer (1883-1959) on mystery, romance, and adventure stories, some of which are set in the Chicago and Great Lakes area. Their best-known novel, The Indian Drum (1917), deals with Chicago shipping empires and has its climax in a great winter storm on Lake Michigan. Corrupt ambition, disguise, madness, a purported Native American legend, and shipwrecks contribute to this story of betrayal, blackmail, restoration, and atonement. Both authors also wrote short fiction, including stories of the Great Lakes, for newspapers and magazines.

The Indian Drum (1917)

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