Snow Sculpture Winners!

Winter Campus,

We had a great showing for the third annual Snow Sculpture Competition!

In addition to the first and second place winners, we are awarding two $25 prizes
to Eastern Temple Sculpture (by Nicholas Maschinot, Nicholas Neumann-Chun,
and April Shen) and the sculpture of the Dragon Emerging from the Snow.

These two sculptures were vandalized Saturday Night- a real pity and shame.

The First Place winner is: EphNess Monster ($150 prize)
1. Sophie Robinson ’11
2. Will Gorham (a visitor)
3. Liz Kalb ’11
4. Jen Rowe ’11
5. Julia Van Hoogstraten ’11
6. Mara Shapero ’11


The Second Place winner is: Brancusi Sculpture ($100 prize)
1. Rhys Watkins ’13
2. Julio Luquin ’13
3. Chan Yee ’13

Please enjoy the sculptures and Winter Study!

-If and Manny
CC Co-Presidents