State of the College 2011

Dear Fellow Ephs,

Happy New Year! We hope you’re all enjoying winter break and are taking this time off to relax and catch up with friends and family! Like many of you, we are counting down the days to the start of winter study! With the stress of finals behind us, we can look forward to broomball games, movie marathons, and lots of good times with friends.

It has been a busy semester for College Council. We began by organizing a number of events to support relief efforts at The Spruces. In October, we formed the mental health committee to raise awareness and support for those who struggle with mental health issues on campus. The culminating event, You Are Not Alone, gave students an opportunity to share their experiences and drew several hundred students. In November, CC supported efforts to address the culture of silence that surrounds issues of hatred and discrimination at Williams. In coordination with other student organizations, CC is working on launching a conversation campaign to provide opportunities for more meaningful dialogue on campus. Along the way, we have spent a great deal of time talking about alcohol, the entry system, and CC transparency. These discussions will continue into the New Year. We are planning two all-campus discussions on the role of JAs and the pressures surrounding the idea of “effortless perfection.”

The Great Ideas Campaign has officially ended, but if you have an idea for a project around campus please send in a proposal. We will be working on the various projects over winter study.

As always, we welcome any and all feedback. We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas for ways we can work together to improve Williams!

We wish you safe travels back to Williams and look forward to seeing you soon!

All the best,

Nick and Francesca
CC Co-Presidents

Completed Projects

Financial System
-CC Website Updates for Transparency
-Will explain in percentages and monetary values all of the Student Activities Tax and Rollover Funds that CC Allocates
-Password Protected
-Bylaw Change regarding Student Life Advisor to the Treasurer
-The Treasurer must meet with a Student Life Advisor three times over the semester including directly before the sub-group process
-Bylaw Change that makes the Treasurer accountable for presenting the budget of Co-Sponsorship Funds to College Council
-Rejection of Bylaw for the Formation of the Campus Issues Fund

Community Issues
-Aided in Forming Students Against Silence from the Student Movement against Hate and Discrimination
-Aided in Forming and Appointing Students to the Hate Crime Protocol Task Forces
-Launched our Third Annual The Great Ideas Campaign
-Collected Student Ideas for Improvements on Campus
-We are still looking for your ideas! Keep sending them in to [email protected] or to any college council representative.
-Launched the Brother/Sister Entry Programs
-Two entries are assigned together for activities and fun
-Ping Pong Table in Paresky
-Adirondack Chairs in Currier Quad

Dining Services
-Changed the one protein salad policy in Whitman’s
-you can now get both beans and tofu!
-you can still only get one meat, but more than one vegetarian protein
-Instituted Gourmet Candlelit dinners twice a month

Mental Health
-The Mental Health Committee is an Official College Council Committee!
-This means that this committee will exist every year with self-nominations in spring to ensure that conversations surrounding mental health and well-being continue to occur.

-Appointed Harry Gilbert as the Free University Coordinator
-Appointed Members to the Drinking Life Task Force
-Approved Student Organizations, including
-The Ephconomist
– Williams College Go Club
-Williams at Berkshire Farm

On-Going Projects

The Conversation Campaign
Over winter study and throughout the spring semester, College Council will be working with Peer Health, JAAB, MinCo, Storytime, and other campus groups to promote programs and events that encourage meaningful dialogue on campus. These events will include open mics, tea times, and lectures. CC will be providing livestrong bands for students to show support for meeting new people and engaging in deeper conversations.

Forums During Winter Study
-A Forum on the JA/Entry System brought to you by College Council, CUL, CDC, and JAAB
-A Forum on Effortless Perfection brought to you by College Council and MinCo

Financial System
Bylaw Change to Cap Treasurer Discretionary Fund to $3000
Bylaw To Change the Purpose of the Treasurer Discretionary Fund to Include More Strict Restrictions
Bylaw to Create a Rollover Fund
Will hold all Cumulative Rollover Separately over the Summer with limited access by the treasurer during this time

-CC Website
-Create a dialogue box with information on the current initiative and a link to the resources
-Ensuring that the Financial System is fully transparent and comprehensible to the student body

Student Life
-Activism on Campus
-creating an easier avenue for activism funding
-examining how College Council funds activism for students
– Drinking Culture Task Force
-Changing Fine Structure incurred by non-residents in a Dorm

Mental Health on Campus
-The Creation of a Second You are Not Alone in the Spring
-Summer Psychological Resources
-Advocate to have more transparent and available psychological resources over the summer for students on campus
-Examine Stressbusters
-Creation of a Board in Paresky advertising all Resources for Mental Health and Well-being
-Examine orientation programs to show better demonstrate resources

Intellectual Engagement on Campus
-Reexamining whether to begin subscriptions to Newspapers such as the New York Times and North Adams Transcript
-Stall Talks: Current Events in the Bathroom
-Informal Entry Lecture Competition
-Inviting Professors to Snacks

-Unofficial Support of Asian American Studies Department
-College Council is awaiting to approve a proposal for the Asian American Studies Department

Dining Services
-Healthy Vending Machines Around Campus

Larger Campus Issues and On-Going Discussions
-Hate and Discrimination of Campus
-Drinking Culture
-Intellectual Engagement on Campus