Real Talk

Dear Fellow Ephs,

We hope you are all enjoying winter study and surviving the cold!

Entering the third week of winter study, the long days of TV watching, movie marathons, and sleeping until noon have lost some of their luster. As we prepare for our final ten days of January in Williamstown, College Council is offering a number of events to encourage you to brave the cold, maybe change out of sweat pants, and meet new people. Over the next week and a half we will be working with peer health, JAAB, Minco, and Storytime to put on events ranging from a forum on entry life to a movie screening of Good Will Hunting.

The Conversation Campaign, as we’re calling it, is designed to offer you a chance to engage in conversations and build connections with people you may not know or who you may wish to know more about. At Williams we see each other all the time whether in the classroom, the dining hall, or the library, but, despite this constant contact, it is hard to slow down and take the time to truly get to know each other.

We hope you can attend the various events of the Conversation Campaign, but whether you do or not, we hope you use the remainder of winter study and the rest of your precious time at Williams to meet new people, to talk to people completely different from yourself, to learn about your friends.

As Bobby Kennedy said, “that those who live with us are our brothers and our sisters, that they share with us the same short moment of life.” We are blessed to share four years of our lives together, just 2,000 passionate, thoughtful 18-22 year olds hanging out in the best town in the world. We are given the opportunity to get to know each other and learn from each other. Let’s take advantage of it.

All the best,

Nick and Francesca
CC Co-Presidents

Schedule of Events:

1/15 Super Storytime – Let Me Tell you a really fast story followed by normal storytime: Alyssa Amos ’15

1/17 – Bracelets handed out in Paresky all week and banner signing

1/18 – Sit and Savor Snacks in Goodrich 3-4:30
Open Mic – “Life Dreams” 9-10 in Henze Lounge
Feeling bogged down by the pressure to get a job? Looking to regain your passions and talk about your dreams? Come share your highest aspirations and be inspired by those of others!

1/19 – Super Storytime – “Love Stories” Dodd Living Room 7-8:30
Hear students share short stories under the loose theme of “love stories.” Could be anything from romance to athletics. Sure to be exciting!
Good Will Hunting – Paresky Auditorium, 9-11

1/23 JA Forum 7-8:30, location TBA