Please Return Your Plates

Fellow Ephs,

Dining Services is looking to enlist your help. This year, noticeably more than in past years, dining hall service ware (flatware, silverware, cups, and trays) has been disappearing. We believe students have been carrying them out of the dining halls and, more importantly, not returning them.

This has resulted in insufficient quantities of service ware available during meal hours, forcing the school to spend too much money on replenishing supplies, amounting to over $12,000 dollars. It has also led to slower turn around of service ware, meaning that students have to wait longer to get cups and plates, lengthening the lines at peak meal times.

And here are some quick facts just to give you a sense of the numbers:
-Each plate costs $7.80;
-The total spent in JUST Paresky so far this year has been $12,500
–In terms of Opportunity Cost, these expenses equal 6 student jobs, and, $12,500 we could spend additionally to support local farms.

So we are asking for your help. In an effort to reclaim as much of the lost merchandise as possible, collection stations have been set up across campus, between April 18-22, to return anything that may have gone missing.

In addition, Dining Services and College Council have partnered up to bring you Carnival Dinners on Sunday Evenings. Beginning tonight, enjoy carnival type foods (burgers, hot dogs, popsicles, etc) at Paresky while listening to beautiful music on Paresky lawn. Ephoria will be performing at 6:15 tonight and we hope to see you there! Remember, returning your plates to the collection stations will help to ensure that these types of programming continue to flourish as well.

Thank you for your help!

Francesca and Nick
College Council Co-Presidents