Field Trip – A New Industry Primed for Profits

Authored by Emma Schulman FieldTrip Fieldtrip is a Toronto-based psychedelics firm that offers psychedelic-assisted therapy. Their current stock price is $5.14, traded under FTRP.  It is an early stage company, founded in April 2019 and entered the United States stock market this past summer. The firm is one of the leading authorities in the medical Read more about Field Trip – A New Industry Primed for Profits[…]

Chipotle – As Good of an Investment as Their Burritos Are Delicious

Authored by Daniel Pompi   Overview:   Chipotle offers a wide range of Mexican dishes at a competitive price made from high quality, fresh, and healthy ingredients. With over 2800 stores in the US alone, and dozens more across 4 international countries, they pride themselves in fast service, and convenience. Chipotle’s menu is focused on Read more about Chipotle – As Good of an Investment as Their Burritos Are Delicious[…]

Brunswick – Strong Fundamentals With Attractive Upside

Investment Thesis: Brunswick Corporation (BC) presents an attractive buying opportunity for long investors, offering aggressive bull upside potential if the firm is able to capitalize effectively on its industry-leading branding in the boating industry, a strong base case as a market leader expanding into higher margin businesses in a space with significant barriers to entry, Read more about Brunswick – Strong Fundamentals With Attractive Upside[…]

Asana – The Next SaaS Headliner?

Asana Enterprise (NYSE: ASAN) Price (as of 11/21/2021): $100.75 Market Cap: 18.54B Daniel Chang   Asana–The Next SaaS Headliner?   Company Overview   Asana Enterprise was founded in 2008 by Facebook veterans co founder Dustin Muskovitz and engineering lead Justin Rosenstein. It’s one of the up and coming small cloud based companies riding on the Read more about Asana – The Next SaaS Headliner?[…]

Accenture: The Future of Technology Consulting

Accenture PLC (NYSE: ACN) Market Cap: $237.41B P/E Ratio: 39.49   Authored by Masaki Lew   Overview:   Accenture PLC is a multinational consulting and technology company, offering Marketing and Business Strategies, Supply Chain Management, and Operation Models as well as several processing services ranging from Intelligence Operations and Digital Infrastructure to clients. In addition Read more about Accenture: The Future of Technology Consulting[…]