Brunswick – Strong Fundamentals With Attractive Upside

Investment Thesis: Brunswick Corporation (BC) presents an attractive buying opportunity for long investors, offering aggressive bull upside potential if the firm is able to capitalize effectively on its industry-leading branding in the boating industry, a strong base case as a market leader expanding into higher margin businesses in a space with significant barriers to entry, Read more about Brunswick – Strong Fundamentals With Attractive Upside[…]

Kroger: Shop for Their Shares

By Nico Cavalluzzi Overview Kroger’s successful physical stores and ventures into online shopping present a twofold profit mechanism that have not only helped it succeed during COVID, but have expanded and innovated on its revenue streams for the future. Though Kroger continues to face tough competition from both big-box competitors and gourmet grocers, as well Read more about Kroger: Shop for Their Shares[…]