Monthly Archives: December 2016

Shoes, Shimmer, and Shorts Skirts: What Men Want from Women

Joyce S. Tseng Let’s face it: all movies are about gender. It is ubiquitous. Biologically, sure, there are only two… Continue reading »

A Fine-Tuning of Male Dominance: Eddie Murphy’s “Coming to America”

       Eddie Murphy’s 1988 romantic comedy Coming to America was a huge commercial success upon its release, despite… Continue reading »

A Matter of Black and White: Race in the Twilight saga

The Twilight saga is a story with many threads. It tells the story of a love triangle between Bella Swan,… Continue reading »

From Batman’s Nemesis to Transgender Hero

By Tristan Colaizzi Since the creation of the Joker in DC Comic’s original Batman in 1940, he has been known… Continue reading »

As He Stood Rapping

The song came out of the album, following the others through its production. It made its way half a decade… Continue reading »