A Belated Farewell


Thank you.  Thank you for believing in us.  And thank you for allowing us to serve you this past year; it has been one of the greatest honors bestowed on us.

This has been a challenging year for us all.  When we began out tenure, we immediately had a financial crisis on our hands.  We were very fortunate, though, for the students you elected in the spring, all of whom played a tremendous role in finding tangible ways to allow CC to continue to run and fund all of your amazing acapella performances, lecturers, dances, and everyday group meetings.  Today, CC’s finances are strong.  We focused a tremendous amount of time looking through every single budget for the last few fiscal years, forecasted where our finances would be throughout the year–and in future years–established a new method of seeking co-sponsorship funding, and ensured that the Council continued to keep its finances as a priority.  Additionally, we decided to pay for every student organization’s legacy debt, thus allowing everyone, for the first time in many years, to begin with a clean budget.  We hope that this will allow student organizations to put on even more productions on campus throughout the year.

In addition, we ensured we continued to listen to you and worked on the items you wanted us to focus on.  The Council spent many meetings debating resolutions proposed by the student body, appointed students from many different backgrounds and experiences onto a plethora of new task forces and committees established this year, and ensured that we didn’t forget who we were representing throughout the year.

In the document linked here, you will find the College Council 2013-2014 End-of-Year Report.  The following information is included in this document:

College Council Committees:

Summary of what the internal College Council committees worked on this year.

Larger Campus Wide Issues:

A summary of campus wide issues that the Council tackled, including recommendations for the 2014-2015 Council.

Mid-Year Updates:

An overview of what some student-faculty committees have worked on so far this academic year.


All of the resolutions that were voted on by the 2013-2014 Council.

It has been an amazing experience, one neither of us could have ever imagined when we decided to run last spring.  We’ve seen Williams through many different lenses and we have all of you to thank for that.  Thank you again for electing us one year ago, for keeping us on our feet, and for working hard on your end to ensure the Council did what it was supposed to do.  We’ve learned a lot, were constantly reminded how great Williams was through the work we were able to do, and had a great time serving you during our time on College Council. We’re excited to see what Emily and Erica do during their time and hope that they, too, will find as much joy as we did.

To all the graduating seniors, congratulations, we’ve (almost) made it.  To the underclassmen, good luck in your future years at Williams!

To never forgetting the excitement of perusing through the College Council bylaws,

Max and Adrian