College Council Election Results


Thank you for your thoughtful participation in and engagement with these College Council elections. 1,386 of you voted– that’s 65% of the student body– and the results are below. For a complete report of the poll results, follow this link: 

Congratulations to the new Council! We are excited for your leadership.

Without further ado, we present your elected representatives!

Max Heninger and Adrian Castro

Emily Dzieciatko

Vice President of Operations
Matthew McNaughton

Vice President for Academic Affairs
Kate Flanagan

Vice President for Community and Diversity
Emily Nuckols

Vice President for Student Affairs
Erica Moszkowski (spring) and Michael Williams (fall)

Vice President for Student Organizations
Teddy Onserio

Assistant Treasurer
Brian McNamara

Class of 2013 Representatives
Brandon Abasolo
Laura Calloway
David Michael
Samantha Teng

Class of 2014 Representatives
Ben Fischberg
April Jenkins
Stefan Lainovic
Gia Recco

Class of 2015 Representatives
Ryan Barry
Clyde Engle
Shannon Hsu
Rani Mukherjee

Class of 2016 Representatives
Abigale Belcrest
Jessica Bernheim
Jesús Espinoza
Alphayo Nyarera

Class of 2015 Honorary Degrees
Ben Augenbraun
William Earle