State of the College: October 2011

Dear Fellow Ephs,

Happy Halloween! We hope you’ve had a great fall so far and got a chance to play in the snow over the weekend! With only six weeks left in the semester, we really want to encourage you to take some time to get outside and enjoy the rest of the fall and the beginning of the winter!

We are writing to update you on the projects that College Council has been working on this month. As always, we would love to hear from you about projects that you’d like to help with or suggestions for things you think we should be working on. Thanks a lot!

All the best,

Nick and Francesca
CC Co-Presidents

Long-Term Projects

Improving Mental Health and Well-Being on Campus
Identifying Weaknesses in the Williams Drinking Culture
Finding new ways to support the JAs

Completed Projects

Mental Health and Well-Being on Campus
-Formation of the Mental Health Committee Taskforce
-First Annual You Are Not Alone event to discuss our mental health and well-being -on campus
-Helped RASAN and Student Life work together to begin to train host/servers, baxter fellows, teams, student groups, and other interested students in bystander trainings.

-CC Snacks
– CC’s first snacks will be this Tuesday, in Schow Atrium, from 9-11. Come speak to College Council members and administrators about your concerns while eating delicious treats well as get some delicious treats.
-CC Facebook: Come like our page and learn about our current projects
-CC Funding Transparency Bylaw Change (See Funding Section)

Student Organizations and Leadership
-Formation of the Leadership Council
-Leaders of SAAC, JAAB, JAs, College Council, Record, Minco, and Lehman, (Co-chaired by the Community and Diversity Representative)
-Formation of Frosh Council
-Formation of Sophomore Council
-Printing Policy Bylaw Change
-changed the printing policy so that all student groups wishing to print posters can email the treasurer, Jack Noelke, and then pick up a print card with enough money on the card to print 40 posters around campus.
-Approval of 20 new clubs on campus

-Subgroup Allocation Process Approval
-Approved the appeals of Debate, Sailing and the Law Society
-Funding Transparency within College Council
– College Council Members will be “treasurer trained” in order to understand funding more appropriately at the beginning of each new council

– The College Council Treasurer will make him or herself available two days before the first college council meeting with all of the subgroup allocation budget proposals so college council members will be able to ask specific questions line by line about the budgets and process.

-Funding Transparency Bylaw change
-The treasurer will publicize student’s right to get in contact with the Treasurer and to see a line item level of the subgroup allocation budget
-College Council will put the specific percentage allocation on the CC website regarding where the student activities tax is allocated by the second college council meeting of the fall
-Continuation of Superfan
-CC Cinema
-Cosponsored Fall Carnival with Currier Neighborhood
-Clarified College Councils Role in Programming
-College Council is not a programming body, but students on College Council can request funds from the CC Projects fund, like all other students, to pursue programming needs on campus.
-Worked with JA’s to implement student stories in entry snacks

Community Engagement
-Raising Money for the Spruces
-Benefit Concert
-Organized a day in which students would help clean up the Spruces

-Implemented Gourmet Dinners twice a month in all dining halls
-Harvest Dinner
-Conversations with Dining Services about how to prevent students from stealing food from dining halls
-Whole Wheat pasta in dining halls
-Second clearing station in Paresky

-Implemented a Room Swap system for students abroad

-Clarification of Winter Study Registration

-Printers in Mission
-Communicated about the Construction Project’s Hours during the week and weekends
-Laundry Baskets in Mission
-Dining Services will be providing reusable laundry baskets

Current Works in Progress

-Ice Rink in Frosh Quad over Winter Study
-Ping Pong Table in Paresky
-Bike Share Program
-Family Dinners with Community Members
-Adirondack Chair expansion
-Pictures around Paresky of Williams History
-Mission Display Cases

Drinking Culture on Campus
-Establishment of a Drinking Culture Task Force

Mental Health and Well-being on Campus
-College Council and Minco Cosponsored Forum on Effortless Perfection in November
-Improving stressbusters as stress-relieving programming.
-Poster Campaign with Peer Health on Effortless Perfection

Entry Life
-Forum on November 17th about Entries and JAs, cosponsored by CUL and JAAB
-Creating Sister Entries
-Providing Entry Reunion Funds

-Healthy Vending Machine
-Improving the Orange Juice

-Reaching out to all student groups for problems on campus
-Improving the process for selection of students on Student-Faculty Committees

-Printers in all dorms
-Securing Spaces for Acapella Groups
-Senior Class Funding
-working to identify how to obtain enough funding for senior events
-Buying Keyboards for Music Groups on Campus