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Here at the CDE, we're eager to engage everyone in the conversation and to learn new things.

We'd love to know the podcasts to which you're subscribing, whether they're from your own country or elsewhere, in English or another language.

If you have something you recommend, email us at crl2 (at) williams (dot) edu, and we'll put them up!

Our Latest Recommendations

Prof. Bakija recommends two resources: Goats and Soda and Rough Translation

Interested in how the developing world is doing? Here are two very good resources from the National Public Radio (NPR) covering various current developments in the developing world. Goats and Soda.

The relationship between school-building and conflict in Indonesia (podcast)

In this episode of VoxTalks, Dominic Rohner discusses an investigation into the relationship between Indonesia’s expansion of schools in the nineties and how increased education was related to a reduction in conflict.

Ensuring that Africa has the financial resources to handle Covid-19 (podcast)

This episode from David Dollar on Dollar and Sense, the Brookings Trade Podcast, discusses the risks and possible financial resources available to African countries to deal with the coronavirus crisis.

Podcast: “Lessons from the Ebola Crisis on dealing with Covid-19”

In this Vox Talk, Oeindrila Dube discusses an experiment she had been running in Sierra Leone for community health outreach, and how helpful those interventions were during the Ebola outbreak. From April 9, 2020.

Prof. Gibson recommends this podcast episode on teachers and big questions with Raj Chetty

As in any “Conversations with Tyler” podcast episode, this discussion between economists Raj Chetty and Tyler Cowen is wide-ranging, spanning some of Chetty’s work on early childhood development, education, okra, taxes, and more.

Our favorite podcasts

WorkLife with Adam Grant

WorkLife is a podcast from the TED group about “making work not suck.”


VoxTalks discusses the very latest in research, and has been expanding their offerings to include regular updates on evolving research pertaining to the coronavirus crisis and its likely economic impacts.