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Here at the CDE, we're eager to engage everyone in the conversation and to learn new things.

We'd love to know the podcasts to which you're subscribing, whether they're from your own country or elsewhere, in English or another language.

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Our Latest Recommendations

Prof. Gibson recommends this podcast on “Sweatshops”

In this EconTalks podcast episode, Russ Roberts discusses sweatshop labor, and how people evaluate where to work, with Chris Blattman of the University of Chicago.

Prof. Gibson Recommends: This Podcast Episode on “Chickens, Cash, and Development Economics”

In this EconTalks podcast, economist Chris Blattman discusses the trade-offs between giving people in parts of Africa cash versus chickens, and how they used randomized controlled trials to find out which was more effective for helping people.

Prof. Jacobson recommends this podcast on “Oil Markets in the Time of Covid-19”

Professor Jacobson recommends this podcast episode on Resources in which Amy Meyers Jaffe, the United States director of the program on energy security and climate change at the Council on Foreign Relations, discusses recent changes to the oil markets.

Podcast: “Cushioning the Effects of Covid-19 on the Poor”

In this VoxDev Talk, economists Rema Hanna and Ben Olken discuss what’s needed to help the poor through this crisis.

Brookings Podcast: “Globalization, NAFTA and the Wall”

In this episode of Dollar and Sense, Brookings fellow David Dollar discusses NAFTA and globalization with Ernesto Zedillo, a former president of Mexico.

Our favorite podcasts

WorkLife with Adam Grant

WorkLife is a podcast from the TED group about “making work not suck.”


VoxTalks discusses the very latest in research, and has been expanding their offerings to include regular updates on evolving research pertaining to the coronavirus crisis and its likely economic impacts.