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Our Latest Recommendations

Brookings Podcast: “The Obstacles to a US-China Trade Deal”

In this episode of Dollar and Sense, Brookings fellow David Dollar talks with former US Trade Representative Charlene Barshefsky about the hurdles the United States and China will need to overcome before they can reach a trade agreement.

Brookings Podcast: “How Do We Police Currency Wars and Manipulation?”

In this episode of Dollar and Sense, Brookings fellow David Dollar interviews Mark Sobel about US-China trade and the practical issues with monitoring and punishing countries that unfairly manipulate their currencies.

Brookings Podcast: “Is China Undermining the Global Economic Order or Helping Build It?”

In this episode of Dollar and Sense, Brookings fellow David Dollar interviews Wang Huiyao about China’s evolving role in the global order. Wang proposes a more positive story than what western media often portrays.

VoxDev Podcasts: Experiments in the Long Run

Audio Content: Methods and Measurement Randomized Controlled Trials in the Long Run Hosted by Tim Phillips VoxDev Talks: Interviews with practitioners First aired on November 20, 2019. Edward Miguel of Berkeley is a co-author (along with Sarah Baird and Joan Hamory Hicks) with one of the 2019 Nobel laureates, Michael Kremer, on one of the…

Podcast: Vietnam’s Economic Revolution

In this episode of Dollar and Sense from Brookings, David Dollar interviews “one of the heroines of Vietnam’s economic reforms.” Madamae Pham Chi Lan is the former secretary general of Vietnam’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Here, she discusses Vietnam’s development to date and the next steps she sees the country needing to take.

Our favorite podcasts

WorkLife with Adam Grant

WorkLife is a podcast from the TED group about “making work not suck.”


VoxTalks discusses the very latest in research, and has been expanding their offerings to include regular updates on evolving research pertaining to the coronavirus crisis and its likely economic impacts.