About the Site

Welcome to the CDE Alumni Resources Site!

Welcome to the new CDE Alumni Resources website!

We hope that your families and your countries are doing well and getting through this okay, and that we're all able to take away something valuable from this crisis. It's tough to be connecting during such difficult times. Here in Williamstown, we're of the opinion that trying times makes an even greater case for bringing community together. As nations are stuck in lockdown, or choosing between the wrenching decisions to risk greater infections or throttle the economy, it's easy to feel adrift. We're here to try to help provide an anchor.

We had anticipated launching this website as part of the celebration of our sixtieth anniversary, but global health conditions have required us to reevaluate. Over the past months, we've been working to establish this site as a resource for the moment that seeks to provide valuable information and timely insights for all members of the CDE community.

Check back frequently - we're updating every couple of days.

If you're looking for the latest information about the coronavirus, head over to our Coronavirus Resources page. There we've compiled links to news resources, data on the virus, research resources, suggestions for coping and thriving during these tumultuous times, and more.

If you're looking for a way to stay busy, check out our recommendations for our online courses, which you can view by topic or scroll down to see our latest recommendations. To see our latest recommendations on research, head to our research page. Itching for something to listen to while you're washing the dishes? We've got a lot of podcasts to recommend. If you'd like to see what's going on in the research world, but don't have the time to spend reading long articles, check out our suggestions for blogs and executive summaries.

If you'd like a surprise, click on "Professors' Picks," professors share the latest of what's come across their desks.

Have you been itching to get into some of your own research? Take a look at our tips for research skills or our software guides. If you'd like to take advantage of this opportunity to re-think your relation to the workplace, take a gander at our soft skills pages. Or do you just need some data? We've got all that, and more!

Our Thanks and Warm Thoughts

Looking back on the time that's passed, we've appreciated how you've grown and developed with us over this time. We think fondly on the memories, on the struggles (those cold, cold winters and long, long problem sets) and the triumphs (making progress in swimming lessons, a successful econometrics problem set), and the friendships built in the time spent here.

We hope that the tools the CDE has provided you and the network of which you've become a part have been useful in your careers and fulfilling in your lives.

As we're looking forward to how we can stay strong in the next sixty years, we're rolling out some new initiatives, one of which is this website.

We'd like to provide the resources you can use to  bring fresh perspectives and valuable insights to your fields, whether you're a new alum who's just getting back into the swing of things at work or someone who last set foot on campus when the Soviet Union still existed.

We're aiming to provide a resource that you'll want to use, built for your needs and incorporating what you'd like to see. In order to to that, we need your input!

This is a work in progress, and we want it to fit your needs. We value your feedback.

Please send comments, suggestions, or other feedback to Chrispine at crl2 (at) williams (dot) edu.

What would you like to see us provide? How can this website be of assistance to you?


Sending our best regards from the team at the CDE.