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CDE Alumni Networking Resources:

Check out the links on the CDE website, including accessing the alumni directory and subscribing to the Williams monthly alumni newsletter, Ephnotes (email the administrator to subscribe if you aren't already on the list)


The CDE and Williams on Facebook:

Join the CDE alumni group for your class year. Email Rachel (rlouis), Tom (tpowers) or Karima (keb1) if you can't find the group (all emails at williams dot edu). Most class-year groups are private.

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Follow the Williams College Economics page on Facebook. The Economics Department runs this page, and occasionally posts career opportunities of the sort undergraduates or recent graduates might find interesting, like research assistantships.



Williams Economics

Williams Professors on Twitter:

Sarah Jacobson

Tara Watson

Lucie Schmidt

A Few Other Williams Twitterers:

The Williams Record, the Williams College student newspaper

Tweeting Economists Who Have Been to Williams:

These folks have been on campus mostly for development-related seminars, Development Dialogues with the CDE, or other similar events. If you were to meet them in an elevator somewhere, you could probably commiserate with them about the cold:

Who We Follow on Social Media

On Twitter:

Policy Groups and Think Tanks:

VoxDev : a group that aims to bridge the gap between the latest and best in development research and policy-making on the ground

The Center for Global Development :

The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

The International Growth Centre: "demand-led policy research"

Non-Williams Economists Whose Work You May Have Read for Class:

Ben Bernanke, former Chair of the Federal Reserve, now at Brookings

Chris Blattman, an economist who works on crime, poverty, and conflict

Angus Deaton, 2015 Nobel Prizewinner for work on poverty, consumption and welfare

Seema Jayachandran, a strong voice on health and gender, especially in Africa and South Asia

Paul Krugman, 2008 Nobel Prizewinner who now writes a column on the New York Times

Christine LaGarde, former head of the IMF, now at the European Central Bank

Edward Miguel, one of the primary development economists of our day working on Africa

Mushfiq Mobarak, a leader in the generation of development economists asking about the role of the environment in development

Martin Ravallion, one of the foremost development economists and the man who came up with the dollar-a-day poverty line

Dani Rodrik, you've probably read something by him on globalization.

Jeffrey Sachs, perhaps best known for his work on poverty traps

Joseph Stiglitz, 2001 Nobel Prize in Economics, macroeconomics, trade, globalization, climate, you name it.

Tavneet Suri, currently working on the effects of technology on poverty.

Christopher Udry, one of the big names in research in African development these days, especially as regards agriculture in rural, sub-Saharan Africa

Miguel Urquiola, one of the leading economists on education