Unending Love by Joshua Hewson

The struggle of life is rough,

and waiting for better things

can hurt like hell.


We pray for better times

without knowing

when they will come

or if they will come.


But love redeems the struggle.


Love gives us patience 

when we are tired of waiting.


Love gives us hope

when we want to give up.


Love gives us direction

when we cannot find our way.


Love gives us joy

when everything feels broken.


God is Love;

to know God is to know Love.


The better I’ve come 

to understand Love, 

the better I’ve come 

to understand God.


I mean it all comes back to God’s love, doesn’t it? It’s the one thing that will actually lastingly satisfy us and that we do not need to wait for or worry about losing. Deep down, we long for something we already have: unconditional, unending love. For all that we seek out in our search for happiness, all we ever needed to do was to come Home.


Joshua Hewson 22 majored in Mathematics and served as Prayer Leader in Williams Christian Fellowship. He likes to think deeply and come up with ideas, especially while trail running. He was raised in London and now lives in Boston, where he does Artificial Intelligence research at Brown University.