The Telos (from the Greek word τέλοϛ, meaning “purpose”), is a journal for Christian discourse at Williams College. It was founded in the spring of 2009 and includes a variety of submissions including, but not limited to, academic essays, personal essays, reviews, short fiction, poetry and visual art. We publish once a year.

We are a member of The Augustine Collective, an independent network of Christian journals on college campuses. We thank the Cecil B. Day Foundation for its generous support.


  1. In an environment where people are struggling to find meaning in their lives, The Williams Telos seeks to present the sense of purpose and meaning that permeates the Christian life.
  2. The Williams Telos endeavors to be a nuanced and faithful conduit of the Christian message in order that the Williams College community may realize that we are here not only “E liberalitate E. Williams,” through the generosity of Ephraim Williams, but “E liberalitate Dei,” through the generosity of God, by critically engaging with the mind and soul of the campus.