June 15, 2020

Committee on Priorities and Resources (CPR)

CPR Committee Description:

The Committee on Priorities and Resources advises the President on the allocation of the College’s fiscal and tangible resources and on long-range financial planning and also considers trends in the annual College budget and other matters relating to priorities in fundraising and resources for capital expenditures. Each division is represented by at least one faculty member. Faculty members appointed to the CPR serve staggered two-year terms. Students appointed to the Committee likewise serve staggered two-year terms beginning as juniors. (Chair serves on TABLE)

Student Members of CPR:

Adam Jones, Class of 2021 (chair)

Elizabeth Hughes, Class of 2022

Saamia Khan, Class of 2022

Complete Membership of CPR:

Four Faculty;

The Provost;

Associate Provost;

Vice President for Campus Life;

Vice President for Finance and Administration; 

Vice President for Alumni Relations and Development; and 

Three students

You can find more information on CPR’s website.