June 15, 2020

Calendar and Schedule Committee

Calendar and Schedule Committee Description:

The Calendar and Schedule Committee (CSC) submits to the faculty for consideration and approval a calendar that will allow for orderly planning of events two years in advance, and it works with the Registrar to prepare departmental and program schedules of classes, hours, and rooms, distributing fairly the class hours and rooms among all members of the faculty. The committee also has responsibility for monitoring the stock of classrooms, and for providing input whenever decisions are considered that would affect the stock of classrooms. A request to schedule a course or a required class outside of regular class hours must be approved by the CSC. Such requests should be made well in advance of the start of the term.

Student Members of Calendar and Schedule Committee:

Wes Morrison, Class of 2025

Complete Membership of Calendar and Schedule Committee:

Three Faculty;

Director of Athletics;

Registrar; and

Three Students

You can find more information on Calendar and Schedule Committee’s website.