June 15, 2020

Committee on Diversity and Community (CDC)

CDC Committee Description:

The Committee on Diversity and Community (CDC), is a committee that focuses on issues of diversity and community on campus and makes recommendations on both curricular and extracurricular matters with the intention of promoting better understanding between and among groups on campus. The Committee, comprising faculty, staff, and students, is charged with examining the health of our Williams community with respect to diversity and inclusion. In addition, the CDC discusses problems and proposes initiatives with regard to the College’s commitment to educate students for engagement with our increasingly diverse world. (Chair serves on TABLE)

Student Members of CDC:

Alexa Cerda, Class of 2025 (Student Chair)

Zayneb Moin, Class of 2025

Complete Membership of CDC:

Seven Faculty;

Five Faculty; and

Eight Students

You can find more information on CDC’s website.