Sources for: Appendix on Editorial Marks

When Mr. George P. Brockway was organizing Miller’s papers for publication in book form he established a system of notations to distinguish each items.  These notations pertain only to the four volumes published by W. W. Norton between 1980 and 1983; the first volume, The Paradox of Cause (1978), was compiled with Miller’s assistance and thus did not require such a comprehensive reference system.  For the four subsequent volumes, however, in almost every case the typescripts of Miller’s holographic originals were given an editorial mark.  Below are listed the system of numbers and letters used to distinguish Miller’s papers by date, subject matter, and type of document (e.g., essay, notes, letters, etc.).

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1. Type of Material
(1) Essays
(2) Essay Drafts
(3) Notes
(4) Unmailed Letters and Drafts of Letters
(5) Diary
(6) Mailed Letters
(7) Letters to Miller
(8) Students’ Notes and Papers
(9) Other

2. Subject
A. Economics
B. Education
C. Epistemology
D. Esthetics
E. Ethics (the State)
F. History
G. History of Philosophy
H. Logic
I. Politics (Current)
J. Psychology
K. Science (Nature)
L. Types
M. Metaphysics
W. Miscellaneous
X. Personal
Y. Verse
Z. Other

3. Date
Each item is also referenced by date.  Sometimes complete accuracy was possible, but at other times only an approximation of the year or even the decade could be offered.  When no date could reasonably be given, the undated materials were sometimes also organized by lower case letters.  These letters distinguish items which might be confused owing to the fact that they are of the same type and subject matter (e.g., F. ao [2]).  These lower case letters are written in red pencil  on the typescripts, the editorial file cards contained in the green tin box, and the individual folders containing original manuscripts or subsequent typescripts that became published material. Thus many of the editorial marks appear as such, “F. red b (3),” indicating that the ‘b’ was marked in red pencil.