Thesis Students

April Owens, Philosophy ’23

Zach Shreier, Philosophy ’21— “Life, Mind, and the Manifest Image”
An essay on reconciling the manifest and scientific images through the free energy principle applied to a range of scales and humanistic topics.

Noah Betz-Richman, Philosophy ’18— “Phenomenal Intentionality, Private Concepts, and the Problem of Externalism”

Justin Edwards, Cognitive Science ’17— “Human-Computer Interaction in Non-Visual Modalities: Overcoming Modal Bias”

Reidar Riveland, Cognitive Science ’17— “Predictive Coding in the Brain: An Account of Natural Representation”

Nina Kumar, Cognitive Science ’16— “Theories of Decision Making: From Humans to Machines”

Willis Kuelthau, Philosophy ’16— “The Ethics of Ethics: The Stakes of a Philosophical Approach”

Dylan Meacham, Philosophy ’15— “Rule-Following and Basic Conceptual Abilities”

Michael McPhee, Cognitive Science ’15— “Singing Meat: The Emergence of the Mental in a Physical World”

Zoe Jenkin, Philosophy ’12— “Conceptual Change and the Analytic Synthetic Distinction”

Allison Hansen-Decelles, Philosophy ’10— “The Animal-Famine Argument

Rachel Schneebaum, Philosophy ’09— “Re-Reading the Problem of Consciousness

Anna Edmonds, Philosophy ’07— “Abandoning the Truth Aim: A reevaluation of the aim of belief and the goal of cognition”

Joanna Korman, Cognitive Science ’07— “A Distinctive Epistemology of Social Contents

Julianne Shelby, Cognitive Science ’06— “Theories Naturalized

Paul Sonenthal, Philosophy ’05— “The Role of the Observer in Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics

Jennifer Misyak, Cognitive Science ’05— “Developmental Delay to Theory of Mind in Autism

John Morrison, Philosophy ’01— “Contextualism and the Neglected Question of Context