I am on sabbatical in the Fall of 2018.

S p r i n g   2 0 1 9   
C o u r s e s

PHIL 116 Perception and Reality
Tutorial on Consciousness

P r e v i o u s   
C o u r s e s

COGS/PSYC/PHIL 222 Minds, Brains, and Intelligent Behavior: An Introduction to Cognitive Science— Philosophy of Mind
Skepticism & Relativism Tutorial
Introduction to Moral & Political Philosophy
Tutorial on Hume’s Treatise of Human Nature
History of Modern Philosophy
Philosophy of Language & Philosophy of Mind
Contemporary Epistemology (and a slightly modified tutorial version)
PHIL/ENVI 216 Philosophy of Animals
— REL/PHIL 288 Embodiment and Consciousness: A Cross-Cultural Exploration w/ Georges Dreyfus
Skepticism Senior Seminar
Current trends in Cognitive Science Senior Seminar
Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason
Philosophical Naturalism
Philosophy of Psychology
Neural Network Models of Cognition (with Neil Stillings)
Relativism & Truth
Foundations & Methods of Cognitive Science
A History of Psychology

R e s o u r c e s   
f o r   S t u d e n t s

— Introduction to metaphysics and epistemology writing tutor


T h i n g s   I   a m   t h i n k i n g   a b o u t
(Feel welcome to ask me about them if you are, too)

Irrationality; skepticism; meditation; eliminativism/mind as mechanism; neural constraints on cognitive explanations; animal cognition; Hume; reducing animal suffering; stream of consciousness literature; sports and embodied cognition.