P u b l i c a t i o n s

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S e l e c t e d   T a l k s   &   P u b l i c   L e c t u r e s

— “Artificial Intelligence and Ethics” – AI: Philosophy, Ethics and Society, Tehran, Iran, 2019.

In this talk, I aim to make explicit how artificial intelligence is a distinct area of moral study separate from wider discussions of technology. The opacity and autonomy of reasons that AIs employ makes them moral agents in their own right, and we need to consider this agency in relation to ours. That consideration applies, of course, to future maximally sophisticated artificial general intelligence, but also to the proto-AI systems that presently have a significant presence in our lives. Overall, I argue that the most pessimistic worries about AI are overstated. In order to achieve intelligence in its full generality, AIs will need to be embodied and will therefore share our moral foundations, namely coordination, sociality, and acknowledgement of shared resources.

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P o p u l a r   A u d i e n c e   W r i t i n g

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