We get really excited about books recommended to us by our friends.

If you have any suggestions for new books to put on our shelves or our Kindles, whether in English or another language, let us know by emailing jrs7 (at) williams (dot) edu, and we'll put up a post here on the website to share with the rest of the gang!

Our Latest Recommendations

Book: Entrepreneurial Economics: Bright Ideas for the Dismal Science

This book by Alex Tabarrok of the quirky and insightful blog Marginal Revolution brings together some of the great insights of economics research of the recent decades, from governments buying out patents and putting them in the public domain to how to think about the market for organ donation.

Book: The Elusive Quest for Growth

In this 2002 book assigned as reading for a CDE course on growth and development, William Easterly picks apart many of the common arguments of “what causes growth?” He brings insightful, hard economics arguments and a careful reading of the research to a perspective that clearly has plenty on-the-ground nous, making for a quick and enjoyable read.

CDE Course Text: Impact Evaluation in Practice

Excerpts from this book are required as reading for the CDE course Public Economics. The book is also listed as a reference text for the CDE elective Program Evaluation.

Book: Supercrunchers

An excerpt from this book has been assigned as required reading for “Public Economics,” a core CDE course taught in the fall.

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