written by Paul Gertler, Sebastian Martinez, Patrick Premand, Laura Rawlings, and Christel Vermeersch

Excerpts from this book have been listed as required reading in a CDE course in public economics, and recommended as a reference text for the CDE elective, Program Evaluation.

Sections of particular interest include those on "Causal inference and counterfactuals" and "differences-in-differences."


Impact Evaluation in Practice, by Paul Gertler, Sebastian Martinez, Patrick Premand, Laura Rawlings and Christel M.J. Vermeersh, was first published by the World Bank Group in 2011 with a second edition in 2016. This book provides an in-depth introduction to impact evaluation.

The book is designed as a practical guide, furnishing examples and case studies about study design and evluation. The manual covers topics such as what to evaluate; current best-practice methods for impact evaluation; managing impact evaluation projects; sampling; and data collection.


Gertler, P. J., S. Martinez, P. Premand, L. B. Rawlings and C. M. J. Vermeersch (2011). Impact Evaluation in Practice. Washington, D.C., World Bank Publications.