Geometry Group 2019

Frank Morgan’s 2019 Geometry Group in SUMRY at Yale: Jack Hirsch, Kevin Li , Jackson Petty, Christopher Xue.

Research Problems

1. Perelman’s stunning proof of the million-dollar Poincaré Conjecture needed to consider not just manifolds but “manifolds with density” (like the density in physics you integrate to compute mass). Yet much of the basic geometry of such spaces remains unexplored. Recent results after Chambers ([8], [10]) show in various cases that if balls about the origin minimize perimeter for given volume if they are stable. Major open cases include hyperbolic space with radial density [9]. For a log-concave radial density such as e-1/r, isoperimetric curves probably pass through the origin, like the isoperimetric circles for density rp [4]. Double bubble in plane with density rp would be interesting. See references [1-11] below.

2. A regular hexagon is the least-perimeter tile of given area for the Euclidean plane. What about the hyperbolic plane? Since there is no scaling, this is a different problem for every given area. Also in manifolds and orbifolds.

3. Use the Surface Evolver to relax the conjectured least-area n-hedral 3D tiles [12].


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Part of  Summer Undergraduate Mathematics Research at Yale, June 12—August 19, 2019. We may sometimes have activities evenings or weekends. July 13-27 we’ll go on a retreat to Ocean City, New Jersey, living and working together free from the usual distractions; the four of you will be provided with two bedrooms to share (each with two beds, or other options). We may also attend and speak at the Young Mathematicians’ Conference, usually in early August.

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