10 Spades

On BBO November 15, 2023, Matchpoints Speedball with Craig Huneke, an opponent had 10 Spades. We did well by not letting them play 5S, although we went down one at 7H for 58%. The odds of getting a 10-card suit are about 1 in 59,000, a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence.





At Atlanta Nationals November 25, 2023, Soloway with Farley Mawyer, I had 9 Clubs. The odds of a 9-card suit are about 1 in 2700. But opponents competed to 6Sx, down 1, for a loss of 12 IMPs for us.








That same week on BBO Craig got to play his robot partner’s holding of 10 Hearts:









Later at Nationals I got a super-yarborough with no card higher than an eight, about one in 17,000: