A lot of small things we can do (COVID-19)

What are our responsibilities, as young people, in the context of the coronavirus?

  • behave as if it matters if you get it
    • “be one of the hive”
    • as if it could kill you
    • as if it could affect others for you to get it
  • grocery shop for elderly neighbors
  • donate money to those who aren’t working and losing salaries
    • how effective?
  • stay informed
    • know it’s worse than the flu
    • for talking with people who don’t take it seriously
    • “if you hold your breath for ten seconds, you don’t have it”
    • “hydrate or diedrate”
  • minimize speculation
  • when hanging with friends
    • go for walks, outside
  • acknowledge drinking makes it more likely to get sick
  • check in with family, friends
    • grandparents esp.
  • scare people who need it, boost morale of those who need it

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