October 2, 2019

Who We Are

The Williams Forum creates spaces for constructive discussion and political participation. To do so, The Forum facilitates weekly conversations, holds fora for students to engage with faculty and guest speakers, and organizes members’ pursuit of relevant initiatives (e.g., through voter registration, protesting legislation, etc.). Forum conversations focus on campus and national issues.

The Forum’s conversations provide an exciting opportunity for students to meaningfully engage in, contribute to, and learn from political discourse on campus. It is our hope that our welcoming format and embrace of difference will foster respect among our participants for each other and heighten their political engagement with each other and the world.

Fundamentally, The Forum aims to pop The Purple Bubble.

Questions? Comments? Podcast recommendations? Comment on our posts or contact us at [email protected].

Current leadership


Emma McTague & Sam Mermin (2020-present)

Davey Morse & Emma Neil (2019-2020)


Grant Swonk (2019-present)


Emma McTague, Abby Scott, Grant Swonk, Sam Mermin (2019-2020)