Books 2016

A Childhood of Neglect and Loss

A Cop’s Perspective Saturday only

A Fool’s Journey – Pushing Beyond Fear

Adult Survivor of Child Sexual Abuse

Adventures Being an Undercover Pimp and Selling Marijuana Friday only

An Orange for Mother Teresa Friday Only

Arya the Fire Spinner Friday only

Child of Communism Friday only

Climate Change and People Change: A conversation with a retired psychotherapist

Competitive Fishing: For Fun AND Money?

Confused Third Culture Kid Until 2:30 Friday, all day Saturday

Disability Advocate

Do I own the Montague Bookmill or does it own me?

El Salvador: The Face of Revolution Saturday only

Empathy-A Title With No Face! Saturday only

Fraternity Days in the ’50s

From Music to Ministry: A Journey from the Organ to the Altar Friday only

Gemology: The Study of Gemstones

Ghetto, Immigrant, and Valedictorian: Redefining Labels Saturday only

Growing Up in a Truly Wackadoodle Family

Growing Up in an Immigrant Family

Gun Talk

Hairstyles and Returning to Natural

Hanging in the Balance: An Independent Filmmaker’s Story

Having a Parent with a Degenerative, Debilitating Disease Available after 2 Friday, all day Saturday

In the Hearts of Many

Intensive Care Unit Nurse Friday only

Interracial Marriage Over the Last 35 years

Iraq War Veteran Saturday only

IRL Holden Caulfield Saturday only

Jehovah ‘s Witness


Orphanage Life During the Great Depression

Mother with Mental Illness Friday only

Mexican Muslim Feminist Saturday only

My Gay Uncle Stole My Birthday Cake (and it made me a better person)

Nature Observation and Tracking

Ocean Yacht Racer / Rodeo Cowboy Friday only

Parenting a Child with Aspergers/Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Available after 2:30 on Friday, all day Saturday

Parenting a Child with Type 1 Diabetes Friday only

Parenting a Zebra

Pro-Life at Williams College Friday only

Quilter, Blogger, Artist, Writer

Rastafarian Saturday only


Small Town Photojournalist Saturday only

Solutions Rising: Eve Ensler, One Billion Rising & Me!

Synesthete Saturday only

The Gift of Cancer

The Phenomenology of Hair Saturday only

The Secret of Health

Theology and the Vietnam Experience

Therapy Dog Trainer/Handler

Truant to Teaching: Ten Tips of Highly Effective Thieves Friday only

What becomes of an aging queer activist?

Why I’m Called a Draft Dodger

Woman Marine Veteran

World War II Veteran