Books 2018

19 Years in Prison

Accidental(?) Activist (Friday only)

A Fool’s Journey – Revised: Leaving Your Comfort Zone 

A Unicorn’s Perspective

Balancing Faith and Academe (Friday only, 1-3 pm)

Becoming Atheist in a foreign country (Friday only)

Bi Guy: Underemployed & Overweight

Being Adopted (Saturday only)

Challenging My Ethics in Asia (canceled)

Delivering Diversity: Conservatism at Williams (Saturday 1-3 pm only)

“Enemy of the People”: The Life and Times of a Modern Journalist (Friday only)

Forever a Long Distance Human

Former Southern Baptist with a Gay Brother

From Wall Street to East Harlem (Friday only)

Girl Named Disaster (Friday only)

Gun Talk

Harm Reduction & Syringe Exchange (Friday only)

Homeschooling Mom (Saturday only)

How Becoming Friends With A Person Who Was Incarcerated Made My World Bigger

Lesbian Mixed Ex-Christian US Veteran (Saturday only)


Lightening Survivor: My Personal Journey

Local Journalist in the Era of Fake News

Musical Queer/Queer Musician (Friday only)

My 150-Pound Weight Loss Journey (Saturday tentative)

Once a Marine, Always a Marine

Parenting Schizophrenia (Friday only)


Queer Pornstar, Stripper, and Sex Workers’ Rights Activist (Saturday only)

Shaman (canceled)

The Beautiful Curse of a Name (Saturday only)

The Daughter of Narcissus (not available Friday 1-2:30)

White Parent, Black Child

Whom Should Williams Educate?

We Are All Implicated (Friday only)

Raising an Interracial Family (Friday only)

Richest Poorest Person I Know (Friday only)

Zen Buddhist (Saturday only)