Books 2015

Adoptee (Friday Only)
Adult Child of Manic Alcoholic
American Sovereign Authority in the Digital Age: A Post 9/11 Veteran’s  
(Saturday Only)
(Saturday Only. Must be 15 years or older to check out this title.)
(Friday Only)
Beekeeper (Saturday Only)
Cancer at 21
Child of Deaf Adults (Saturday Only)
Clabbered Dirt, Sweet Grass: Life on the Family Farm
 (Friday Only)
Couchsurfer (available Friday after 2:30, and Saturday)
EMT Dealing With Death And Dying
Faith, Discipleship, Activism
Fat Woman
From First-Gen to College VP
From Recruited Athlete to College Academic
Geography of Global Blackness (Saturday Only)
Growing Up in the Jim Crow South (Saturday only)
Having Sick Siblings and Big Dreams (Friday until 2:30 and Saturday)
Improvised Rastafarian (Friday Only)
Interracial Family
Life After a Near Death Experience (Saturday Only)
Married College Student (Friday Only)
Memoir Writer
My Experience With Homelessness (available Friday after 2:30, and Saturday)
National Snowmobile Champion

Nature and Hunting
Parenting a Child with Autism/Aspergers
Polyamorous Homoromantic Asexual Man (Friday Only)
Rodeo Cowboy / Ocean Yacht Racer
Syrian Arab
Where is the Intersection of Religion and Culture? (available Friday after 2:30, and Saturday)
Why are we so sick? A Chiropractor’s Perspective
Working at the White House on 9/11
Working on Broadway: The glitz, glamour and boredom (Friday Only)
World War II Veteran