Books 2014

Active Williamstown Native
An Atheist from a Religious Family
Broadway Stage Manager: The glitz, glamour and boredom
Cervical Cancer Survivor and HPV
Christian Latina College Student (Saturday only)
Coming Home to Music
Competitive Highland Bagpiper
The Complex Life of a First Gen Student
De-Radicalizing Muslims in Spain
Divestment Advocate
Draft Dodger/War Resister
11.5 Years of Home Schooling
Fat Woman
Firearms Safety Instructor and Gun Shop Owner
First Generation Jamaican American Williams College Student
Fleeing Communism (Friday only)
From First Gen Latino Williams College Student to Professor of Philosophy
From Wall Street to Spring Street
Gay College Student
Growing Up in the Jim Crow South (Saturday only)
Growing Up in the Middle East
I Pick the Movies You See
International Expedition Cyclist
Iraq War Veteran
Irish Catholic + Black Muslim = Love
The Journey of a Social Justice Educator
The Long Good-bye: 20 Years of Mom with Alzheimer’s
Man Who Has Never Watched TV (Friday only)
Married College Student
Mash It Up: The More Skills, the Merrier
MBA Student
Memoir Writer
Mobile Games and Social Change
Mutahajebah (Veiled Woman)
Off-cycle Tibetologist/Musician
“Old” Williams
Olympic Athlete
1.5-Generation Jamaican Immigrant
A Palestinian Abroad/A Palestinian in America
Pan Arabism?
Peace Corps Volunteer: Botswana 2011-13
Prosecuting Attorney
Public School Principal (Friday only)
Questionably Orthodox Jew
Rabbi/Williams Alum
Raised in Projects and Foster Care
Recovering Alcoholic
Retired Navy SEAL Master Chief, 1990-2012 (Saturday only)
16 Years in Prison
Teen Child of Manic Alcoholic
Theatre Critic
Third Generation Legacy Student at Williams
Trans man/emt/nontrad student (Saturday only)
‘The Use of Time is Fate’: Practicing Life
White Guy Who Studies China (Friday only)
Williams Admissions Dean
World War II Veteran