Raised in Orphanage


1) Orphanages-real and perceived

2) The Great Depression and the New Deal

3) Adoption and orphanages

4) Antibiotics and mortality rates

5) Current childcare policy assumptions.

Opening Questions

1)  What circumstances led to your growing up in the orphanage (Mills
Home, Thomasville, NC)?

2) Where did the orphanage get its financial support?

3) What were the primary activities of the children who lived there? 4)  How did the products of Mills Home fare as adults?

5)  Is there any good research on how orphanage -raised children in general fared as adults?

6) How did orphanages acquire bad reputations, and are those reputations supported by research?

7) Does Mills Home still exist, and if so how does the current institution
compare with what you knew?

8)  Did you keep up with your contemporaries at Mills Home after you left there?

9)  How does the public policy regarding dependent children of today compare with that of your childhood era?