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Our Latest Recommendations

Podcast: “Global Value Chains and the WTO”

In this episode of “Dollar and Sense,” David Dollar of Brookings hosts Robert Koopman of the World Trade Organization (WTO) for a discussion on global value chains.

Podcast: “China’s Belt and Road Stretches to Africa”

In this episode of the Brookings Institution’s trade podcast, Dollar and Sense, David Dollar hosts Deborah Brautigam of John Hopkins for a discussion of Africa in China’s most recent globaniliation push, the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

Podcast: Peace, Security, and the United Nations General Assembly

In this podcast from Brookings Cafeteria, Fred Dews interviews Brookings Foreign Policy Director Bruce Jones regarding how the state of security has changed over the past years and what the United Nations (UN) should be doing about it.

Podcast: “Multinational Enforcement of Labor Laws”

In this VoxDev talks, Laura Boudreau from Columbia Business School talks about a recent experiment she ran in Bangladesh with multinational buyers in the garment sector and how their involvement changed compliance with safety regulations on the part of Bangladeshi suppliers.

Podcast: “A Global Response to the Climate Crisis”

This podcast from the Brookings Cafeteria focuses on the climate crisis and the burden left on the rest of the world after the US withdrawal from the 2015 Paris Accords.

Our favorite podcasts

WorkLife with Adam Grant

WorkLife is a podcast from the TED group about “making work not suck.”


VoxTalks discusses the very latest in research, and has been expanding their offerings to include regular updates on evolving research pertaining to the coronavirus crisis and its likely economic impacts.