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Our Latest Recommendations

Course Text: “The Effects of “Girl-Friendly” Schools: Evidence from the BRIGHT School Construction Program in Burkina Faso”

This article has been assigned as required reading in the spring CDE elective, Program Evaluation.

Course Text: “School Governance, Teacher Incentives and Pupil-Teacher Ratios: Experimental Evidence from Kenyan Primary Schools”

This article has been listed as required reading for practice in evaluating randomized evaluations for Program Evaluation, a spring elective at the CDE.

Course Text: “Scaling Up What Works: Evidence on External Validity in Kenyan Education”

This article has been assigned as required reading in Program Evaluation, a spring CDE elective.

Required Reading: “Corruption and the Costs of Redistribution: Micro Evidence from Indonesia”

This article has been assigned as required reading for “Public Economics,” one of the core courses taught in the fall.

Covid and the Future of Microfinance with Insights from Pakistan, recommended by Prof. Caprio

What’s the future of microfinance in a post-Covid world? A group of six researchers explores the impacts of recent months on the microfinance sector in Pakistan, and recommends policies for how to help microfinance, and the people it helps, weather the storm.

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