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Full Article: “Putting a Band-Aid on a Corpse: Incentives for Nurses in the Indian Public Health Care System”

In this randomized controlled trial, Banerjee, Duflo, and Glennerster attempted to improve attendance in the health care industry by introducing financial incentives. The results started out positive, but the system was eventually thwarted on the ground.

Required Reading: “The Miracle of Microfinance? Evidence from a Randomized Evaluation”

This article from Banerjee, Duflo, Glennerster and Kinnan adds to the evidence of the sometimes underwhelming effects of microcredit as a way to get people out of poverty. It has been assigned as required reading in the Program Evaluation course, one of the spring CDE electives.

Full Article: “Nudging Farmers to Use Fertilizer: Theory and Experimental Evidence from Kenya”

In this experiment, Esther Duflo, Michael Kremer, and Jonathan Robinson investigate why it is that farmers in Kenya don’t use as much fertilizer as they could. They find that small inconveniences might be making a large difference.

Full Article: “Women as Policy Makers: Evidence from a Randomized Policy Experiment in India”

In this study, Esther Duflo and Raghabendra Chattopadhyay compare how women spend and how men spend when they’re in positions of leadership in India.

Full Article: “Powerful Women: Does Exposure Reduce Bias?”

In this study, a group of female researchers explores what happens to norms around women when women take on leadership positions in their communities.

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