Amazing Play at Cape May Bridge Club

I fell to an amazing play by¬†Harriet Walcott partnering Baby Vistenzo on Board 6 at the Karen Sylvester’s Cape May County Duplicate Bridge Club March 30, 2023. Declaring 4H in the North I won the Diamond lead with the J, led a Spade to the Ace, a Club to the King, and ruffed a Spade. As West popped the King, I could now turn my attention to trumps. A Heart to the King lost to the Ace. West returned a small Spade, I discarded a small Club, and Harriet smoothly discarded a Club, convincing me that West held the remaining Hearts (and even if not, Harriet held the guarded Jack). I confidently led the Heart 10 for a finesse, Harriet won the Jack, and led a Diamond for a ruff by her partner’s remaining Heart 7. They still had two Club tricks for down 2 and a top.



My partner Kathy Kutschera and I did have one good board against Grand Life Master David Hoffner, who was declaring 3N as South on Board 10. Kathy led the H2, which David won with dummy’s Queen. The Club finesse seemed best, since even if it loses, it provides an entry to dummy for setting up the Spades. Cathy smoothly ducked, won the second finesse, and switched to a low Diamond, low, Jack, King. David had a sure 9 tricks, with prospects for more if the Spades broke or the likely Diamond finesse worked. When David played the Spade AQ, I won the King, even though it looked like holding up would prevent setting up the Spades. So it looked like the Spades were not breaking. When I returned a Heart, Declarer won the Ace. When the likely Diamond finesse lost, he now lost two Hearts for down 1.