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Amazing Play at Cape May Bridge Club

I fell to an amazing play by¬†Harriet Walcott partnering Baby Vistenzo on Board 6 at the Karen Sylvester’s Cape May County Duplicate Bridge Club March 30, 2023. Declaring 4H in the North I won the Diamond lead with the J, led a Spade to the Ace, a Club to the King, and ruffed a Spade. As West popped the King, I could now turn my attention to trumps. A Heart to the King lost to the Ace. West returned a small Spade, I discarded a small Club, and Harriet smoothly discarded a Club, convincing me that West held the remaining Hearts (and even if not, Harriet held the guarded Jack). I confidently led the Heart 10 for a finesse, Harriet won the Jack, and led a Diamond for a ruff by her partner’s remaining Heart 7. They still had two Club tricks for down 2 and a top.

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